About Groots

Groots has pure-play experienced in Open Source Technologies, we are offering and specializing in Mail and Collaboration, Infrastructure monitoring management, AWS manage services, Helpdesk ticketing system, Open Source CRM Solution, SSL certificate, Website hosting and open source application customization. We can customize all those open source solution as per your business needs. Groots provides open source technology for small and medium businesses requirement at the lower cost of ownership. Our business solutions are usually a combination of open source technology and cloud services.

Who we Are

Groots is an open source solution provider base company, we are specializing in customization and integration of open source on to cloud solution. Our core objective to integrate enterprise technology using latest information of an open source for public and private sector with cloud solution. From a much lower total cost of ownership, we serve greater product customization and flexibility of usage.

What we do

With our range of solution and services offering, and dedicated on premise maintenance and service team, we are able to offer high value, professional training, and guaranteed support services to businesses which require an open source or cloud solutions for infrastructure, databases, virtualization and data protection. As a trusted partner for Mithi Email Enterprise, OTRS, Vtiger, Nagios, AWS for cloud migration and management, you can be sure what our focus is.

Services & Solutions


A complete enterprise-suite of "Email & collaboration" solution provider for your smart business. We offers complete mail management cycle on premise as well as cloud setup.



We offer AWS implementation and support. We can deliver professional services and help customers of all sizes, build, migrate, and manage their application on AWS.

Infrastructure MONITORING

We are comitted to helping companies with their IT infrastructure needs. We offers application performance monitoring solution for continuous business. To keep an eye on your IT infra with up-to date.

Ticketing System

To fully focus on your customer with OTRS to help your business. OTRS is leading former open source ticketing system that provides enterprise class most flexible web


Entire sales workflow from lead to payment under one application, Vtiger is open source community that provides complete application with out the need to pay for


Encrypt your sensitive website content and mailing solution. Comodo is a leading provide of SSL certificates website security services. We have exprience to


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