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A customised, secure Intelligent Meter Reading Web Application Portal with KenSystem (*MNGL Listed Vendor)


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Brand Overview

KenSystem organization specialised to collect, manage and analyse consumer’s meter reading data from already deployed gas metres from MNGL.


KenSystem set out to create a web and mobile application that would oversee the entire process of a meter reader agent visiting a customer's location, recording the gas meter reading using the camera on the mobile device, validating the meter reading and feed data, and securely generating customer bill mapping complete with captured images as proof.


The primary goal of this project is to develop a user-friendly and efficient mobile application for meter reader agent who collects consumer meter readings, as well as an admin portal that will manage the entire cycle of this application from the addition of end-user profile to the submission of meter reading to MNGL vendor details like -

  • Meter status
  • The screenshot as proof
  • Monthly calculation of billing cost
  • Statistics report

Discover Benefits


Easy mobile app for reader


Get real-time updates


Data stored on AWS cloud


Legacy data maintained


Advance level reporting




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The Goals and Achievement

  • Understanding of business requirement, & clubbing all valuable inputs from KenSystem .
  • Understanding & draw application flow from consumer meter reading to MNGL billing & reporting system, collect detailing of 3 entities - consumer, agent, admin and lastly MNGL vendor .
  • Understanding the roadmap from KenSystem, to create simple yet attractive web admin as well as meter reader agent mobile application.
  • These mobile application needed to clearly communicate the information between meter reading agent and application admin .
  • Using a straightforward strategy that demonstrated their increased meter reading accuracy and reduce complaints.
  • Reduce distance between retail consumers, MNGL vendor and self MNGL, as well as increase accuracy into billing process and recovery.
  • Additionally, to keep reporting functionality to get complete visibility of all retail consumers data month to month and improved data submission to MNGL .

Key Features


The Approach

During the first phase, we collected the user requirements for defining the product and to align the strategy. The research helped us to develop an understanding of the competition in the existing domain. With the help of this analysis, we created user personas and user stories. Considering all the inputs gathered during the research phase, we created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. We followed an iterative design process that enabled us to get early and rapid resolutions.

The Conclusion

Gas utility management was revolutionized by the Meter Reading Web Application and Mobile App, which made it a more efficient, automated, and customer-focused procedure. Improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, and operational efficiency were the outcomes of the successful implementation.

This success story demonstrates how cutting-edge web and mobile app solutions can completely change the utilities industry.

The key components of our solution include:

Meter reader
Society selection
Consumer selection
Meter reading entry
Admin portal with secure authentication
User Support

In order to handle the challenges of uploading and maintaining a large number of images, as well as the challenge of changing a large amount of consumer data on a monthly basis. We've put in place a reliable system to expedite resource optimization and data collection. We've also integrated AWS S3 for image processing and storage, along with logic for image compression. This creative strategy breaks down how to enhance application performance.


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