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A customized, secure Event-Based International Film Registration Web Application Portal with Symbiosis International.


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A customized, secure Event-Based International Film Registration Web Application Portal.



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Brand Overview

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication is ranked among the top Media and Communication International Institutes.


The goal of SCEI was to develop a web application that would allow filmmakers or producers of short films or documentaries to register and be listed alongside events organized by Symbiosis.

The Challenges

Figuring out the best way to upload multiple documents, such as a movie banner, stints, and high-quality movie extension files, using an event-based registration flow. Each filmmaker is limited to uploading a maximum of two films due to upload size restrictions. The upload limit of 5GB was the first issue that arose in this case. High-quality film uploads presented a significant challenge because they frequently exceeded standard file size limits. Additionally, they need several jury members to screen the films in order to shortlist them for the next round of selection and to announce the event winner. Every single film document is examined by them all during the selection process.


The primary goal of this project is to develop a user-friendly and efficient web application portal that facilitates the seamless registration of films for various events. Filmmakers should be able to easily submit their films for consideration, and event organizers should have a streamlined process for managing and reviewing these submissions.

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The Goals

  • Understanding the roadmap from a filmmaker perspective in order to create simple yet attractive website and registration web portal as well as admin portal jury will review all uploaded films, shortlisted them and publish winner of event.
  • Understanding of web application flow from registration process to winner of this event.
  • These event registration needed to clearly communicate the information to targeted audience.
  • Using a straightforward strategy that demonstrated their increased registration.
  • Improving the overall user flow and the ease of navigation.
  • Additionally, to keep chunk functionality to upload bigger size of films like up to 5GB of movie file upload with in 20 minutes.

Key Features

Event Registration
User Profile
Event Listing
File Submission
Email Notification
Payment Integration
Search and Filtering
Analytics and Reporting
User Support
Scalability and Security

The Approach

During the first phase, we collected the user requirements for defining the product and to align the strategy. The research helped us to develop an understanding of the competition in the existing domain. With the help of this analysis, we created user personas and user stories.

Considering all the inputs gathered during the research phase, we created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. We followed an iterative design process that enabled us to get early and rapid resolutions.

The Solution

Our Event-Based Film Registration Web Application Portal provides a comprehensive solution that empowers filmmakers to seamlessly register their films, participate in events, and gain exposure on a global stage. The key components of our solution include:

User-Friendly Interface
Event Customisation
Comprehensive Film Submission
Scalable File Upload Solution
Jury Review System
Real-time Notifications
Analytics and Reporting
Secure Payment Integration
User Support
Winner Announcement and Recognition

Our Event-Based Film Registration Web Application Portal offers a holistic solution that revolutionizes the filmmaking experience. By combining user-friendly design, innovative upload solutions, and comprehensive features, we provide a platform where filmmakers can showcase their craft, connect with global audiences, and participate in a thriving community of creative individuals. To address the challenge of large file uploads, we have implemented a robust solution using chunk functionality in PHP. This innovative approach involves breaking down large files into smaller, manageable chunks during the upload process. This not only optimizes upload speed but also allows for seamless resumption of uploads in case of interruptions.


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